Line (SMS) has a blank icon on Big Sur's menu bar and it's annoying the fuck out of me aaaaaaaaaa

Homebrew was going too slow on updating packages to Universal so I switched to MacPorts

Interesting issue I'm taking part in:
SMC is completely gone, so taking sensor and fan values is seemingly impossible on Apple Silicon.

I started using iCloud unfortunately, because for some reason Pages couldn't write to files saved on network volumes reliably.

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Compared to DejaDup, Time Machine is somehow more open in its implementation.
It doesn't lock away the drive from the user, and each backup is just a backup of the filesystem.
Meanwhile DejaDup complicates things and locks files away in a user-inaccessible format

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but god I love how a kernel panic doesn't mean lost data or having to hold any buttons to reset the machine
It automatically opened up all my open apps and documents
Fuck this is so convenient I really can't go back to Linux

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Got my first kernel panic
After trying to quit out of the Epic Games Launcher lol

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With online classes, physics homework is now CTF

Liked: 【】『ぺこみこ大戦争!!』フルMV【さくらみこ/兎田ぺこら ホロライブ】

Forgot I had a terabyte hard drive laying around, so I guess I'll use it for Time Machine
Hopefully I won't need to use it

It's a blurry mess with the occasional stutter, even though I'm using wired ethernet on both the streaming pc and my Mac.
But the latency is pretty good.

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