Compared to my Mini ITX Ryzen PC, this thing is so fucking tiny, that I had to redo my desk setup again.

I also maxed out all my ports lol.
It only has two USB As, two USB Cs, ethernet, audio, and HDMI.

I’m using a special USB Hub via USB C that also has an SSD enclosure.

Game Performance

Key: Runs Alright = 60+ FPS with no stuttering

Minecraft: 300FPS with Optifine on Fast (shaders crash the game)
Red Eclipse 2: runs alright
Carrion: runs alright
Muse Dash: runs alright
STATIONflow: runs alright
Tabletop Simulator: runs alright

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Cities Skylines: crashes with no error
Euro Truck Simulator 2: runs kinda ee on ultra but alright on high
Tomb Raider: runs alright on high
BallisticNG: runs alright

These are pretty much the only Mac games I have, and they almost all run alright.

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Celeste: crashes with some shader error, but I have the humble bundle version, so it may have been fixed in the “retail” edition

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Deux Ex Mankind Divided: not great at low
CSGO: doesn’t stop loading

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Cities Skylines: reinstalled and it runs… amazingly

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Okay, so I checked games that we hidden from the macOS filter on Steam because of the removal of 32-bit app support in Catalina:

APE OUT: runs alright
Antichamber: runs alright
Enter the Gungeon: runs alright
A Hat in Time: runs alright
Hover: nope
Hotline Miami 2: runs alright

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Metro 2033 Redux: runs alright but I can't escape fullscreen AT ALL and startup is very slow
Metro: Last Light Redux: same as 2033
Pikuniku: runs alright
VA-11 Hall-A: nope

Steam itself: runs but is visually slow

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Overlord: runs alright
Postal: nope
DUSK: runs alright

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Left 4 Dead 2 through CrossOver: runs alright
Among Us through CrossOver: runs great

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TF2: ran okay at medium settings, but after a few minutes randomly crashed

DOOM 64: runs alright
VRChat: runs alright but taking camera controls is weird and i had to click on the titlebar
Undertale: runs alright
My Friend Pedro: runs alright
Persona 4 Golden: nope
Devolverland Expo: nope

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Trying out Steam In-Home Streaming
ehem, sorry, *Remote* Play

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It's a blurry mess with the occasional stutter, even though I'm using wired ethernet on both the streaming pc and my Mac.
But the latency is pretty good.

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